"The List" 2016

The List: 2016 Edition is a compilation of 100 things that I have never done before (or haven't done in recent years), but would love to give a whirl. 

2016 marks my THIRD go-round at list writing and tackling. I compiled my inaugural list of 100 Things in 2013, and I ultimately decided to continue chipping away at the same list for 2014 as well. I am happy to report that I met my 2013/2014 goal of completing 25 items from my list. My goal for my 2015 List of 100 Things was to complete 13 items from my list, and I wound up completing 14 items from my original 100, and an additional 4 "bonus items." Yeah!

My 2016 List of 100 things contains a blend of items rolled over from past lists, but for the most part it's an all-around re-haul, modified according to my current aspirations, tastes and interests. I also reserve the right to add "bonus" items on top of the original 100 things, should the spirit so move me. After all, I've learned that in order to really live life to the fullest, it's important to leave room for unexpected opportunities and spontaneity, lest they drift by, unnoticed and undiscovered. Just say YES!

"The List" was inspired by my friend MK, who has been list tackling since 2011 and writing about her experiences on her blog, mk52new. MK has described her own list experience as life changing, and I am in awe of what she has accomplished. 

I've now experienced the power of list tackling firsthand, and I have discovered a lot about myself and what's important to me as I've chipped away at my lists over the past 3 years. I am excited to continue down my path of self-discovery, 

My goal for 2016 is to complete 13 or more items from my original list, and 2 TBD "bonus" items.  Here's my 2016 List of 100 Things.

1. Go Vegetarian for two weeks 
2. Visit Spain
3. Make scallops
4. Take a Spanish class
5. Take a knife skills cooking class
6. Attend a rodeo
7. Attend the Twin Cities Jazz Festival
8. Run a 5K in under a half hour
9. Run a 10k in under an hour
10. Teach a financial wellness class
11. Visit Portugal
12. Visit a winery I've never been to before
13. Read (or re-read) 3 Shakespeare plays: a Tragedy, a Comedy, and a History
14. Go to a candlelight Yoga class
15. Get a masthead designed for my blog
16. Vegas Baby! And do it UP! (e.g. go VIP somewhere and maybe get a poolside cabana)
17. Vacation in the Philippines (possibly visit: Manila, Borocay Island, Honda Bay) 
18. Visit a butterfly house
19. Shark dive
20. Write a Goodreads book review 
21. Go to an NFL game
22. Go to the ballet
23. Relive B and my first date in Chicago
24. Try Aerial Yoga
25. See a comedian perform live (one that I haven't seen before)
26. Volunteer to help with a race
27. Participate in a Drum Circle
28. Complete the 21 Day Fix (with no cheating!)
29. Special order Rice Krispies Treats Cereal (aka the best cereal of all time! Sorry GM...)
30. Make homemade limoncello
31. Golf 18 holes 
32. Water ski
33. Make pasta from scratch
34. Take a Khan Academy class 
35. See the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in NYC
36. Order a whole lobster at a restaurant
37. Blog “consistently” (average 1+ entry a week for at least 12 weeks)
38. Organize a charity event
39. Go cross country skiing
40. Participate in the Loppet XC Ski race
41. Take a Montana Ski Trip
42. Achieve a yoga headstand
43. Plant an herb garden
44. Master the physicality of the push up (do 10 legit push ups + a few "fancy" ones too)
45. Make something from my "Crafting with Cat Hair" book
46. Get professional (but fun) head shots taken
47. Take a creative writing class
48. Find a family ancestral relationship to someone famous, living or dead
49. Hold plank for 5 minutes
50. Visit Australia
51. Complete a wine professional certification program
52. Participate in a November Project workout
53. Visit a lavender farm
54. Stomp wine grapes
55. Apply for grad school (if I ever figure out what sort of degree I'd want to "master") 
56. Run around all 3 lakes in the chain at once (Harriett, Calhoun, Isles)
57. Complete a Yoga Teacher Certification Training program
58. Reread the original Harry Potter series 
59. Do the splits on both sides
60. Participate in a pin-up photo shoot
61. Buy something at a Farmer's Market
62. Try an "expensive" ($100+) Champagne (e.g. Dom, Cristal)
63. Pet a penguin
64. Travel to a continent I've never been to before 
65. Upcycle my mom’s old jewelry box
66. Make something artistic out of sparkling wine corks and/or cages
67. Take a meditation class
68. Try acupuncture
69. Get my antique ring appraised
70. Somehow help MK achieve one of her 52 New (+ get a mention on her "thank you" list!)
71. Visit a psychic
72. Visit a real haunted house
73. Karaoke 
74. Make whoopie pies
75. Fly a kite
76. Become a homeowner
77. Volunteer as an animal socializer
78. Take a ferry across Lake MI (like SS Badger or Lake Express)
79. Do a cartwheel
80. Buy coffee for a stranger
81. Take a dance class
82. Hold a hedgehog
83. Go TV free for a week
84. Visit Portland, OR
85. Refinish a piece of furniture
86. Get nail art 
87. Go on a "girls weekend" with my mom and sister
88. Reach my "goal weight"
89. Take a "Wine and Canvas"/"Paint and Sip" Class
90. Volunteer in a foreign country
91. Post something inspiring on a public bulletin board
92. Take a trip to DC
93. Run another marathon
94. Buy a pair of cowboy boots in TX
95. Ride a horse
96. Get a cactus 
97. Watch the original Star Wars Trilogy
98. Learn how to saber champagne
99. Start a wine blog
100. Snowshoe

BONUS Items:

101. Try Flotation Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST)
102. Work the polls at the presidential election
103. Make spaghetti squash

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