Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unsolved Mystery...Solved!

Whatever happened to Rice Krispies Treats Cereal? Brian gets to hear me ask that question practically every time we go grocery shopping. It is, by far, my favorite cereal of all time and today I was extra troubled by its unexplainable disappearance from store shelves. So I decided it was time to break out the big-guns and crack this case. Enter Google.

Sadly, Google search results disappointingly reported that it's been discontinued. And I'm not the only one who's bummed about it.

All of the children of the 90's are apparently saddened by the loss...

So is Ian Bishop and 294 other members on the "Bring Back Rice Krispie Treat Cereal" facebook page.

But! BUT WAIT! It turns out all of these crybabies are a bunch of SUCKERS, and Google is a big fat liar (that bitch!)

Amazon to the rescue -- only $28.99 for a 4 pack - a steal at $7.25 a box!

Aaaaaand, gotta love Michigan Classic Meijer - at a better price, 2 boxes for $6.36!

The best news of all is I don't have to order my cereal online thanks to the Kellogg's product finder!

Brian and I place a cap on Christmas shopping at $50 since the holidays are stressful enough. Something tells me it will be a very Krispies Christmas! And, I'm okay with that.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Words/Phrases That Irritate Me And My Wacky Rationale To Explain Why

1. "Hubby" -- Every married 20/30-something I know says this. Maybe I'm just jealous?

2. "Kiddo" -- Again, everyone I know with a child under the age of 10 says this. My mom used to call me this. Yep, must be the jealousy again. I have no good reason for this one either.

3. "Stinkin' cute" or derivative thereof, such as "stinkin' adorable" and often used to describe couples, babies, small children, and old people. -- I probably just hate cute people. Especially the ones that smell bad.

4. "Shit show" -- Brian says this a lot. He knows it bugs me. I'm sure he doesn't do it on purpose, like, ever. At least it's not a "stinkin'" shit show...

5. "Tough love" -- My mom used to say this to me in college when I would call home feeling frustrated and wanting to whine. I remember distinctly finally telling her how much I hated that phrase. I still hate it (sorry, Mom!)

6. "I just threw up a little in my mouth" -- Because this is just gross

7. "Plethora" -- Because this is just an annoying thesaurus word

8. "Juxtaposition" -- Because it was highly overused in the film class I took in college. I vowed to never use it in my own writing. According to this post, I've broken my vow.

9. "Angel" to describe a child. As in "She's my angel" or "He is a perfect little angel." IMHO this just increases the odds of your 'kiddo' developing a God complex early on in life (and we already have way too many of those people walking around already) -- Again with the jealousy, eh? I probably just want to buy your baby.*

*Name that reference from a popular 90's comedy now running in syndication. I saw this particular episode tonight on the CW.